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Outdoor Shower


If you’re close to a beach, lake or just enjoy an occasional swim during winter, an outdoor shower is one of the best features to own in the hot months. Not only does it provide an easy alternative to constant cleaning of floors and carpets, but it also protects your drains from clogging due to an excess of sand or dirt. Obviously drains are designed to take a certain amount of dirt, but during the summer months in houses close to water outlets, drains can easily become blocked due to an excess of sand which is not cleaned off before showering. It may seem a fussy option, but will prove to be very useful if your family are beachgoers. 
If all else fails, buy a pool. It’s the most expensive option, and requires cleaning and constant maintenance, but during the summer months you will most likely spend more time in the pool than your home. And your pool won’t cost anything near as much as your house did, so you are essentially saving heaps of money by buying a pool. Whether this logic works for you or not, a pool is always an option.