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Fancoil for multiple rooms.


If you tried to choose which room you wanted your Air Conditioner in, but the struggle to choose turned into a full scale argument, then perhaps you want multiple rooms with Air Conditioning. In this case, it may be useful to try the Ducted Air Conditioner. If you’re ever been into a fancy hotel that has small vents on the ceiling and you wondered what they were, here’s the answer: Air Conditioning! 
The Ducted Air Conditioner runs in the same way as the Split System, but the outside component is placed on the roof, and the heating/cooling of the house comes through small vents in different rooms. 
Yes, it’s a lot more expensive, but it saves the eyesore look of those big heavy systems both inside and out. 

Enclosed room
The Split System Air Conditioner is the large white thing that sits in most rich, old people’s living rooms’. It’s what you envy in summer and discard in winter. Split System’s come in various shapes and sizes, and is the most common form of Air Conditioning. For an enclosed room, you won’t need the most expensive, or the fanciest. Try and get a low energy rate, and research your brands first, but an enclosed room is one of the easiest to choose for, as it doesn’t take anything fancy to change the room temperature.